Seattle single malt

Just finished a tour of the Westland distillery in SODO in Seattle.

This new outfit is committed to producing only single malt whiskey, from malted barley (same as beer). No corn, no rye.

Seattle single malt

Scotch is my favorite spirit so of course I had to check this out.

The product I sampled and purchased is called "Deacon Seat American Single Malt Whiskey."

It's good! It won't replace Lagavulin, Laphroaig, Ardbeg, or any other single malt from the Scottish island of Islay anytime soon, but it definitely has a scotch profile. And that from being aged only two years. Joss, who led the tour, suggested that's because the casks in which the Westland whiskey was aged are new wood.

They will have a peaty whiskey available soon, using malt imported from Scotland. I'm looking forward to that.

They are a "craft distillery" under Washington law, meaning they have some restrictions on how much they can produce, and on where they can source. I take it most of the barley comes from Washington state.

Part of what made the tour fun was that there were two fellows from Sun Valley who produce spirits in Idaho, Tennessee, and California. They make gins, vodkas and bourbons, but no single malts. I think they are researching. I overheard them sharing production calculations as we wandered through the Westland distillery.

The more people making single malt, the better! Ditto English session ales.

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