Friday housekeeping

Been posting a lot from my phone lately, which means the scale and formatting of the pictures hasn't been so pretty.

So I just went back into the posts for this week and cleaned up the layouts.

6612975937_a9343a09d3_zI found a better picture on Flickr to go with the post about preferred vs. common stock. You'll want to check that out, or revisit that post if only to catch the picture.

Trending on the blog right now: Good faith and fair flying, a post about how shutting down state regulation of a national industry can have something to do with implied covenants in contracts (sounds nerdy, but it's actually a case where laypeople can get some insight into how complicated conflicts of law can be); Cracking open the SAFE, about a novel new seed financing instrument designed to be very friendly to first time entrepreneurs; and How to tell the difference between Stefan Frei and Stephen Fry, which is an indispensible aid for Sounders fans at least.

Heads up on a couple friends writing today or this week about the bad actor rule and how it's impacting even Rule 506(b) deals: see Doug Cornelius' post, Participating Bad Actors and Private Funds, and John Myer's Get Ready to Fill Out Bad Actor Questionnaires.

Photo source: Loopdeeloop / Flickr.

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