Best actor of any gender

Not since the last century have I used the term "actress," though I don't attribute the non-habit to any personal forward-leaning virtue.

I became sensitive to the quagmire and the politics of the word from professional actors I knew; from observing how they referred to themselves and each other.

But the Oscar nominations, when announced, still fall into actor and "actress" categories.

Best actor of any gender

What's more, even media outfits like NPR, which you might think might think critically about gender-privileging conventions, still list, in reporting, "best actor" nominees first, and "best actress" nominees second.

Am I personally gender neutral in my own likes and preferences? Hell no. Though I thought Christian Bale was fantastic in American Hustle, I'll pick Amy Adams to be the focus of the scene at every turn.

Still, it makes no sense to judge acting and give awards by gender!

Here's how I'd re-work the "best" categories for a century of transition:

  • Best actor in a female role
  • Best actor in a male role
  • Best actor in a transgender role

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