Nest and the Google privacy policy

I was talking to a famous technologist this week, and in the course of conversation, Google's acquisition of the startup smart-thermostat maker, Nest, came up.

I told him the tweets I'd been seeing on the news were to the effect of, "all good things must come to an end."

But he was disdainful of the knee-jerk privacy concerns. "No one cares about privacy. They say they do in the abstract, but it doesn't impact how they behave."

Maybe so.

It sure seems to me that people get worked up over NSA surveillance that seems, so far as I've gathered, to be much more attenuated, in terms of how the intelligence gets used to manipulate behavior.

Anyway, that was a detour. What I mean to say here is, it sure will be interesting to see what accomodation Google makes, in terms of its privacy policy, as it brings Nest into the Google, er, nest.

As of this writing, the two privacy policies, Nest's and Google's, are inapposite, not capable of being compared by redline. That said, I did think it would be fun to manually generate a redline of the basic privacy promise each company makes, as of today, as to the use it makes of the user information it collects.

And here we go (Google's current policy overlaying Nest's, naturally):


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