Radiator Whiskey

Last evening I took a dinner break from work and walked down to the Market to, at long last, try Radiator Whiskey.

It's the bistro(?) offshoot of Matt's in the Market, across the hall.

I would have thought I would have been here much sooner because the theme of the place is whiskey: scotch, rye, bourbon, brown sauce.

If I had dropped in accompanied by a friend, I would have been outta luck: standing room only, but for one stool at the bar.

I had a "Talisker Storm," on tap from a barrel. The menu describes this single-malt as having been "crafted by marrying together both rejuvenated and refill, heavily charred casks of different ages."

I believe in the efficacy of heavily charred new wood after recently discovering the acceptably smoky single malt produced by Westland Distillery, in the SODO district of Seattle. Now, that American whiskey is good, and I'm thrilled to find American distilleries making a scotch-style whiskey rather than more rye or bourbon. But, brother, the Talisker reminded me: there's more to a robust scotch than meets the barrel. ("I knew Talisker Distillery. Talisker Distillery was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no Talisker Distillery.")

And the brisket, the soft brisket served over soft onion rings under a bed of loose rocket (arugula)!

The brisket I had for dinner here was not the Texas, convection cooked, sugar cookie-rimmed dry butter my friend Jack Timmons smokes. It was wet and the fat was soft, not crystallized. A completely different meal from the same (right?) cut of meat, but also good.

Radiator Whiskey

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