Geeks on buses: Seattle v. San Francisco edition

Seems like every newspaper is now writing about the luxury coach controversy in the hipper neighborhoods of San Francisco.

I was last in San Francisco last spring, only for a week, and I saw plenty of these unmarked buses on the roads.

They shuttle Googlers, Applers, Facebookers, to and from the city to the office parks and campuses farther south. These are not carriages licensed to serve the general public.

I've heard of similar coaches, equipped with wi-fi, shuttling to the Microsoft campus in Redmond from Seattle, and back. I've known people who worked at Microsoft but live in Seattle who rode them. But I don't think I've ever actually seen one.

12259256883_dc47057f83_zSo I'm acknowledging, in advance, that my point today is drawn from anecdote, and may not be supported by data. For all I know, vast swaths of Microsofties and Kirkland Googlers are being transported secretly from sleepy Ballard to Redmond every morning.

Here's my point: if you walk through Amazonville - the emergence of which is effectively shifting the center of commercial Seattle northward - you see Amazons waiting for the Metro King County bus.

Not the Amazon bus, but the same bus anyone with $2.50 may board.

What's more, based on my unscientific, anecdotal observations, the Seattle employed are boarding routes to other parts of Seattle.

They aren't leaving town.

They don't treat the city like a bedroom, merely.

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