Investment crowdfunding exemption in Washington State?

My friend, the startup lawyer, Joe Wallin, and Washington State Representative Cyrus Habib, have teamed up to promote an investment crowdfunding exemption for Washington.

(Washington, you will recall, is the home of the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks.)

Investment crowdfunding exemption in Washington State?

But, though the proposed legislation was cleared in a committee, it appears to be having trouble getting to the floor for a vote.

If you live in Washington State. - or even if you don't, and think that small, local crowdfunding exemptions are a good idea - consider emailing the persons identified in Joe's campaign materials, here.

As readers of the crowdfunding posts on this blog know, I think state crowdfunding exemptions are the way to go. The federal crowdfunding exemption, whenever it arrives, won't be useful. But individual states have the opportunity to tailor exemptions to meet local circumstances.

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