Action February 25 on the Washington State crowdfunding bill

Note from Bill: this is a guest post by  & Joe Wallin.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 25th, the Washington State Senate is having a hearing on HB 2023, titled the Washington Jobs Act of 2014.

HB 2023 is a state crowdfunding bill.

It would allow Washington startups to raise up to $1M during any 12 month period, from accredited and non-accredited investors. There are individual investor caps in the state bill that track the same individual investor caps in the federal JOBS Act.

If passed, the bill would be substantially more accessible for startups than the federal crowdfunding bill. 

You can read the latest text of the bill at this link:

There are several articles that have been written about this bill that can help you get up to speed on it:

If you would like to attend the Senate hearing tomorrow, your presence at the hearing and support of the bill would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to attend, please RSVP at

Other data:

Full text of the bill: 2023-S.E

House bill report: 2023-S.E HBR APH 14

Official web site:

Senate Committee web site:

Map of Olympia, WA: Campus map

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