2014 ACA Summit Coming Up!

Next week, I will be joining more than 700 of my colleagues at the largest gathering of angel investors in the world. I have been invited to present at this conference session: The New SEC Regulations - Practical Interpretation and Guidance for Angel Group Management Activities.

2014 Summit MastheadThe session I'm participating in will be chaired by Mike Eckert, ACA Policy Chair and of the NO/LA Angel Network, and my fellow panelists will be Peter Rosenblum of Foley Hoag, and Robert Rosenblum of K&L Gates.

Here's a description, from the conference agenda, of what Mike, Peter, Rob and I will cover;

'Leaders of angel groups continue to deal with confusion, uncertainty and misunderstanding as related to the recently passed SEC regulations about General Solicitation. The questions ”what should my group be doing or not be doing?”, “which rule is effective and when did it become effective?”, “which is not effective?”, “what kind of guidance should my group be providing to entrepreneurs, startups, accelerators/incubators, colleges and universities about General Solicitation and Reg D/Form D?”, “what is and what is not General Solicitation?”, “has anything really changed?”, and “how do I protect my group, its members and the companies presenting to it?” are pervasive. The objective of this session is to provide further guidance and where possible clarity such that ACA members and member groups can make continued informed decisions about these issues in their day-to-day real-world activities, and be key sources of knowledge about these in their respective markets.'

If you’re not already attending the ACA Summit March 26-28th in Washington DC, I invite you to learn more about it at www.angelcapitalassociation.org/2014summit.

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