Support Washington State Crowdfunding

Guest Post from @joewallin

If you live in Washington State and want to support crowdfunding in Washington State, now is the time to email your Washington State Senator and ask that they support HB 2023. 

You can find all of the State Senators' emails at this web address

Please send your Senator an email urging them to pass HB 2023, which would authorize crowdfunding in Washington State.

An example email might be: 

Re: Please Pass HB 2032

Dear Senator, 

I am a member of Washington's entrepreneurial community. Please support HB 2032, which would authorize crowdfunding in Washington State. The bill is the product of over a year's work between the Washington Department of Financial Institutions, entrepreneurs, securities lawyers, and other stakeholders. It enjoys broad bipartisan support. It passed 89-9 out of the House, and unanimously out of the Senate policy committee.

Please vote yes and help entrepreneurs from all over Washington State. Thank you! 

Please help.

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