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Where I've been

Friends, I want to thank you for all the support you've given this blog over the past three or four years.

It's been a good run. Two or three years ago, I started blogging every day, and that was the ticket for making a vibrant community here.

This blog became America's number one securities law blog, and number five IP law blog. We sustained that ranking for many months, perhaps well over a year.

But my writing muse has taken me in different directions this year. You might say, back to my roots, writing in a manner reminiscent of how I spent my 20s, combined with the influence of what I read in my teens and early 20s.

So I'm going to pursue that.

My new direction does not mean I don't appreciate the loyalty and attention you gave my work on this blog over the past few years.

Will I again blog about startup law and public policy issues that impact emerging companies?

I hope so. Not daily; and probably not on this blog.

I'm hoping LinkedIn, or some other platform, will feel like the right way to occasionally opine on issues impacting the emerging company ecosystem.

I remain very involved on public policy matters through my work on the Advisory Council to the Angel Capital Association. And - knock on wood, and thanks be to God - my law practice is currently insanely busy, so I remain deeply involved, on a day-to-day basis, with the practical implications of changes in securities law.

Until I find the new, occasional platform for writing about legal and tech stuff, please remain friendly with me via Twitter. Reminder: I am @wac6.

I love you, loyal readers, and will see you at the Machine House in Georgetown for a pint of bitter.

Where I've been

The world is not totally fucked up: Exhibit A

Here is Exhibit A for the proposition that the world is not, in fact, totally and completely fucked up: sculpture being readied, as we speak, at Jefferson Park in Seattle.

6a01156e3d83cb970c01a73ddbf7fe970d-580wiWhat's more, this public art is to be "skateable."

I exchanged nods with the welder, and chatted with another bystander on how beautiful the work is.

Imagine the satisfaction of being the person, or one of the persons, who put this sculpture together. Like the satisfaction of a poet who writes a verse that may someday unlock the strictures of another person's self-perception.

There is no app for that.

6a01156e3d83cb970c01a73ddbf802970d-580wiSheryl Sandberg on Facebook was in the news today, quoted as saying how happy she is that her boss finally turned 30.

She ought to send him back to get a college education. It's a travesty, how the barons of the Internet are even less imaginative then the robber barons of the 19th century.

But, like I say, you can turn them out.

The analog world is still pretty fucked up, but not totally and completely.

See Exhibit A.

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