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How to tell the difference between Stefan Frei and Stephen Fry

Contrary to rumors, Sounders FC have NOT signed Stephen Fry, the British actor and author, to replace Micael Gspurning at goal.


Instead, they have traded with Toronto FC to bring Stefan Frei, a goalie from Switzerland, to Seattle.

Stefan-FreiFans of Stephen Fry cannot be blamed for assuming Fry had assumed a nom de guerre. That would be very much like him.

Here are photos to help you keep from mistaking Stephen Fry for Stefan Frei, and vice versa.

Secrets to a successful marriage

Funny exchange tonight at the Seattle Sounders members meeting, between two of the team's owners.

6a01156e3d83cb970c019b02818bf5970c-580wiDrew Carey, from Los Angeles via Skype, compared the relationship between team management and the fans to that of a marriage. Paraphrasing: "when you're married, you don't do anything, plan vacations, make dinner plans, without thinking of your spouse; it's not like dating, when you can just do whatever you want."

Joe Roth, at the meeting in person, rejoined: "You realize Drew Carry has never been married in his life."

To which Carey came back: "Joe Roth has been married multiple times."

Tweeted play-by-play

I'm not a big US football fan, though I live in Seattle and am caught up in the excitement over the season the Seahawks are having.

6a01156e3d83cb970c019b02635c99970c-580wiThe hard part about watching US football games on TV is they take so long and there are so many commercials.

Well, I'm walking home right now, half conscious that the Seahawks are in San Francisco to play the 49ers. And I wonder what the score is.

But by following the Seahawks Twitter feed, I get what amounts to a play-by-play description of the game as it progresses!

Now, all you need to do is attach 5- to 15- second video snippets of the good plays, and there's no reason at all to watch the game on TV.

Birthday bits and pieces

Apologies to Doug Cornelius for borrowing the tagline he uses for his miscellanea posts.

The essential spirit for a Man About Town

Found Rittenhouse Rye!

6a01156e3d83cb970c019b01dc381b970d-580wiSince returning from Manhattan after having a Man About Town (or two) at the Gramercy Tavern, I've been on a quest to find Rittenhouse Rye in a Seattle retail liquor store.

I knew I should be able to secure it close to home, because the spirit seems to be in most bars around town. Bartenders At Manhattan on 12th, Barrio on 12th, and Matt's in the Market at Pike Place Market, have all made the cocktail for me, having the Rittenhouse in stock, though needing my instruction. (A bartender at Cannon also made something like a Man About Town for me, but, he didn't have Rittenhouse and otherwise didn't seem that open to hearing my recipe.)

At home, I've been making do with a specialty rye recommended by a knowledgeable, helpful person at Esquin. That rye was fine. But, too many notes of vanilla and caramel, and way too sweet.

Rittenhouse is the right stuff. It's spicy and sharp, and holds the sweetness of the cynar and vermouth in balance.

Every winter, I get together with a group of former employes of Who's Calling, where I served as General Counsel for two or three years. We meet next week. These guys are in for a treat, as I got a whole bottle of Rittenhouse just to make Men About Town for them.

William Kentridge show at the Metropolitan Museum

Another good reason to go back to Manhattan soon: the Metropolitan Museum is reinstalling The Refusal of Time, a 30 minute, five screen, musical performance that Helen and I saw in a train station warehouse in Kassel, Germany as part of dOCUMENTA (13).


This piece is really extraordinary.

Cornell women's basketball

I heard from an alumni mailing that the Cornell women's basketball team was playing in a tournament at Seattle University, so Helen and I walked over to watch.


It was great fun! I think we will do it (walk over to SU to watch basketball) again. The competitiveness and athleticism is high, but you don't have all the commercial trappings of professional sports. It was way more fun to watch the college women's teams play than I recall the few Seattle Sonics games I went to, years ago, being.

Casablanca backup

On our way home from basketball, we walked by Central Cinema and wondered why so many people were gathered around the ticket counter.

11137445895_e8f6f2d266_cWhen we got home, we got a call from a couple we'd been thinking about and hoping to see. Turns out they had gone to Central Cinema to see Casablanca, but, the projector had broken, dashing their evening plans. So the crowd at the ticket counter, that was the process of doling out refunds.

They figured they would stop by and we figured we would make them consolation cocktails.

Into the second round of Men About Town, it occured to me, we could project Casablanca and watch it just as well at home. And so we did. We used a sheet draped over a curtain rod to make a screen probably seven and a half feet square. Looked great! 


I turned 52 yesterday. This post ends up summarizing how I spent the day. It was a great birthday.

Picture of The Refusal of Time as installed at dOCUMENTA (13): A-C-K / Flickr.

Seattle Serious II

Wednesday worked out fine, so we're here again tonight.

This is like the third game against Portland within the last few weeks.

Helen and I stopped at the Machine House for a pint. The picture makes it look desolate and empty, but it was packed, warm and full of people inside. Someone was celebrating her birthday there with friends.

Then we parked in Sodo and walked the last mile to the stadium.

Lively Premiere Party, also in Sodo, after the game.

Seattle Serious II

Seattle Serious II

Seattle Serious II

Indentured celebrity

Just heard this fascinating story on NPR, about a startup called Fantex, which is somehow offering some kind of interest in the future earnings of certain NFL players.

6a01156e3d83cb970c019b008ee60a970d-580wiIn response to a question from NPR host Robert Siegel, the sportswriter being interviewed said the contracts purport to attach to the future earnings of the given player, even past their playing careers.


But instead of buying passage across the Atlantic to the New World, the benefit to the indentured servant here appears to be an upfront cash payment.

There is an SEC filing in all this somewhere. Maybe several. Will have to do a My Favorite Risk Factors (TM) post on this soon.

(Pictured: indentured San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis.)

Seattle Serious

When I was a grad student at Cornell in upstate New York, I played on a softball team with a bunch of PhD candidates in the English and Comparative Lit departments.

These folks were arch and wry and nothing, not even sport, could be taken at face value.

Lots of Red Sox fans, lots of Mets fans on the team. No one liked the Yankees. No irony there. George Steinbrenner was the Donald Trump of his day.

Teammates referred to baseball's fall classic as the "World Serious."

Well, I know the World Series is in Boston tonight. But I'm in Seattle, hoping the Sounders can extend their season by winning a playoff tonight.

It's serious.

Seattle Serious

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