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Where I've been

Friends, I want to thank you for all the support you've given this blog over the past three or four years.

It's been a good run. Two or three years ago, I started blogging every day, and that was the ticket for making a vibrant community here.

This blog became America's number one securities law blog, and number five IP law blog. We sustained that ranking for many months, perhaps well over a year.

But my writing muse has taken me in different directions this year. You might say, back to my roots, writing in a manner reminiscent of how I spent my 20s, combined with the influence of what I read in my teens and early 20s.

So I'm going to pursue that.

My new direction does not mean I don't appreciate the loyalty and attention you gave my work on this blog over the past few years.

Will I again blog about startup law and public policy issues that impact emerging companies?

I hope so. Not daily; and probably not on this blog.

I'm hoping LinkedIn, or some other platform, will feel like the right way to occasionally opine on issues impacting the emerging company ecosystem.

I remain very involved on public policy matters through my work on the Advisory Council to the Angel Capital Association. And - knock on wood, and thanks be to God - my law practice is currently insanely busy, so I remain deeply involved, on a day-to-day basis, with the practical implications of changes in securities law.

Until I find the new, occasional platform for writing about legal and tech stuff, please remain friendly with me via Twitter. Reminder: I am @wac6.

I love you, loyal readers, and will see you at the Machine House in Georgetown for a pint of bitter.

Where I've been

Friday housekeeping

Been posting a lot from my phone lately, which means the scale and formatting of the pictures hasn't been so pretty.

So I just went back into the posts for this week and cleaned up the layouts.

6612975937_a9343a09d3_zI found a better picture on Flickr to go with the post about preferred vs. common stock. You'll want to check that out, or revisit that post if only to catch the picture.

Trending on the blog right now: Good faith and fair flying, a post about how shutting down state regulation of a national industry can have something to do with implied covenants in contracts (sounds nerdy, but it's actually a case where laypeople can get some insight into how complicated conflicts of law can be); Cracking open the SAFE, about a novel new seed financing instrument designed to be very friendly to first time entrepreneurs; and How to tell the difference between Stefan Frei and Stephen Fry, which is an indispensible aid for Sounders fans at least.

Heads up on a couple friends writing today or this week about the bad actor rule and how it's impacting even Rule 506(b) deals: see Doug Cornelius' post, Participating Bad Actors and Private Funds, and John Myer's Get Ready to Fill Out Bad Actor Questionnaires.

Photo source: Loopdeeloop / Flickr.

Happy Friday Miscellany

It's been a long-ish week. Time to have a warm, flat, lightly hopped bitter to prepare for the weekend.

After the USA v Panama soccer match Tuesday, I thought about writing a post about patriotism. There is something about this NSA debacle that makes me feel patriotic. Huge differences among the citizenry of course, but that feels appropriate rather than dysfunctional, on this issue.

More and more smart business people are turning to accredited crowdfunding, and the laws and regulations seem to be in place to support such efforts. If this becomes a permanent feature or even defining aspect of angel investing, as I think it will, it will be more important than ever that the accredited investor definition not discriminate against prospective angels on the basis of sexual orientation.

DOMA will go down, right? But then the federal accredited investor standard will apply equally only to those same-sex couples in jurisdictions which permit marriage. The standard will still need to be changed, to be fair to those in states that are regressive.

At the soccer game, they handed out scarves that referenced the Star-Spangled Banner. "Oh say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave o're the land of the free and the home of the brave?" It is a question without answer, a rhetorical prod to remind us that the rules keep changing, and yet the changes are not keeping up with our ideals.

Happy Friday Miscellany

Bow ties

My brother Mark and I were up late last night, learning how to tie a bow tie.

We set up my Mark's iPad on a banister next to a freestanding mirror, so we could watch YouTube videos and practice. I don't think we ever straightened out whether the images in the videos represented mirror images. "Don't watch what he's doing," my brother said, "just listen to whether he says left or right."

Mark Bow Tie smallThe verbal instructions stuck, for when we quit the iPad and the freestanding mirror and went to a bathroom mirror, we were able to pull a bow tie together.

I still haven't learned how to pull a bow tie tight. Mark made progress on that after I turned in for the night. I'm still practicing this morning!

In development: "Law Talk, with Bill and Joe"

The Car Talk guys are retiring their NPR show, and my friend Joe Wallin and I anticipate a void needing to be filled.

So we are developing a podcast, to be called, "Law Talk, with Bill and Joe."

Pope Talk"Lots of laughter, there has to be lots of laughter," Joe told me. He's right. That is probably the single most endearing thing about the Car Talk brothers. That, and the fact that they laugh most at themselves.

What's the format of the new show? That's in development. If things go well, expect to hear us in a regular weekly time slot on your local NPR station sometime next year.

But it will start off exclusively as a podcast.

The format is in development, but, were we recording a show this weekend, I imagine the topics would include:

  • Joe's trip to Olympia to talk about his local crowdfunding proposal;
  • Danielle Morrill's awesome "zombie VC" list; and
  • Evgeney Morozov's new book, "To Save Everything, Click Here."

Law will be a point of departure. I doubt we'll be talking about 83(b) elections or the differences between Rule 506(b) and Rule 506(c).

Pictured: Francis and Benedict, popes. Joe and I had thought of doing "Pope Talk" but these two have a lock on that.

Moving Day

Big push today for the Carleton household. My two youngest children and I are transitioning from the house in the U-District where we have lived for the past 10 years, to separate, new digs for each of us.

Here's the state of the main living quarters in the house, turned now into a staging area.

Living room as staging area

Yesterday, before the kids got up, I took a load from the Goodwill sub-area in the staging area to the donation center at the Goodwill in Ballard. This is a drive through donation drop off set up; suburban in nature, but quite useful when you have stuff to give in bulk.

Van load at Goodwill

And here's the same van with papers and old master tapes from the first feature length film shot on HD Cam, way back in 1999, Back Spot Turn. The bulk of this load goes straight into basement storage.

Papers for storage loaded into van

Wish us luck. Today, stuff to move to three new households, then (probably) a run to the dump at the end of the afternoon.

Friends & rivals

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you already know what good friends Joe Wallin and I are.

We started the mobile app Startup Trivia together, collaborate on securities law reforms, and compare notes on practicing law.

We work in different firms, and our respective practices overlap, so you'd think we would be competitors; but we don't act like competitors.

Let me tell you a little story to illustrate.

Avatar-512Last week, Joe and I were walking back to our respective offices after wandering around Pike Place Market, where we had been brainstorming some nonsense or other.

JoeWallin_blogphoto_72At the northwest corner of University and 3rd Avenue, we ran into two young entrepreneurs who were making the rounds, calling on different startup lawyers in town to find an attorney to work with. "You should hire Joe," I said. "No, you should hire Bill," Joe said.

They probably ended up hiring Joe, and that is fine with me.

But there is one thing that Joe does that bugs me.

Ever since I started making the claim that this blog, Counselor @ Law, is America's #1 securities law blog, Joe sends me mail with links that show how his blog, Startup Law Blog, is gaining.

Friends & rivals

Today he told me my blog and his blog are number one and number two, respectively.

That is pretty cool, but I think he should now focus on the Meetup stuff that he does, or conquering Google+, or some such.

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