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Windmills in the desert

Check out these windmills in the desert.

Windmills in the desert 1

My fiance took these pics for me last weekend as we drove east on US Highway 10, just before Palm Springs.

Windmills in the desert 2

It's amazing to me how famous places I've never been to before, when I finally visit, look nothing at all like I imagine them. There are more things in heaven and earth than are conjured up by the mix of imagination, experience and random references.

Laguna Beach

Checking in not 36 hours into a road trip down the Southern California coast.

We spent Thursday night and Friday morning in Laguna Beach. Pictured is the beach below Heisler Park.

Laguna Beach

Heisler is a landscaped park and walkway that serves as a kind of luxurious median strip between high density dwellings and the beach. Here's a statue at the north east corner.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach reminds us of Cannon Beach, Oregon. Only here there are eucalyptus trees, exotic flowers, and of course palm trees. Check out this tree with wet, peeling paper for bark.

Laguna Beach

Like Cannon Beach, this town has aggressive zoning, banning chain restaurants or at least their signage. The layout is on an easy scale to accept - you can see the entire town from the Pacific Coast Highway.

Last picture: a man who enjoyed sitting in the sunshine so much, he turned to stone.

Laguna Beach

A Tale of Two Forecasts

Another title for this post could be, "Don't complain, hop a plane."

Tale of Two Forecasts

And that's what we've done. Rather than curse the Seattle dreary, we're taking a Thanksgiving trip.

Some pictures soon from sunny Southern California.

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